Thursday, April 8, 2010

The long path to graduation seems a bit shorter...

I haven't posted in a couple of nights or so due to a big assignment for graduate school. Basically, 50% of my grade in one of my last courses is determined by my performance on a Powerpoint presentation describing the Action Research project I have been working on. Due to this being an online class, I was required to present my research over the phone. I also was asked to present to 3 perfect strangers. Awkward and nerve-racking? YES. My presentation was supposed to last anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. However, mine lasted for a solid hour. One of my professors asked some really tough questions that led me to believe that she wasn't impressed with my work. However, the other two professors seemed really pleased with my presentation and gave me really great comments. So, for an hour last night I sat on the phone and tried to speak professionally, answer random questions that were asked of me, and most importantly...tried not to sound like a bimbo. :) Needless to say, I was a bit tense during this process and after I hung up the phone I shed a few tears. I had been bottling up all of my nerves all week at school and all through the conference call...I just had to cry! Plus, Andy was out, so I felt I could get away with it.
The worst part of the process was that I had to end my presentation with the professors and then they proceeded to discuss whether or not I should "pass" the oral examination. I did not find out until 4:30 this afternoon that I had actually passed the exam! Today seemed like the longest day ever awaiting my verdict. Basically, had I not passed this portion, I would already know that I would not be able to pressure or anything! I actually ended up with really good feedback on the presentation--maybe I'm not such a dummy after all! Now for fixing up my research paper and finalizing my other course. May 8th cannot get here soon enough!!!
All that to say, I married a really nice guy. :) Andy fixed dinner last night knowing I had to get ready for my presentation. He also stopped by the grocery store after church last night to get the necessities that I had failed to pick up lately. I think he might have also been taking his time knowing that my presentation might have taken longer than expected. It seems that he really knows when I need him to cover for me. Thank you, Mr. Bozeman, for being exactly what I need right now! I think my graduation will mean a lot to him too--he might get an attentive wife after all of this is said and done. :)
Well, although a boring post, it felt good to share the craziness with anyone who will listen. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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