Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kitchen Updates...

After a long Friday afternoon and much work by my parents, we are happy to say that the kitchen backsplash is ALMOST complete. We still need to trim out the backsplash, but my dad needs to bring up a different saw to cut the pieces. I have absolutely fallen in love with the beadboard. My mom did a glaze on the wood that looks really great with the granite. We wanted to "age" the pure white look so that it would match the look of the kitchen. The process of hanging the beadboard took longer than expected because we found that not all of our cabinets are perfectly level. So each section of beadboard had to be specially cut for the space. We also needed to measure and cut for the outlets. However, I am super-pleased with the finished product! My dad caulked the edges before we called it a night, which really helped to "seal the deal." Unless my mom was lying about what I owed her for the beadboard and supplies, it cost us about 50 dollars for this backsplash transformation (plus approximately 15 bucks for trim pieces). Thus, a much more reasonable option (compared to a tile backsplash). Here are a few pictures from the day...
The following are the "before" pictures. We have been living with these gunky walls since we had the granite put in in February!
We then painted the kitchen and obviously stopped at this point because we knew a backsplash was coming. It looked awful!!!

I'm sure if anyone had visited they would have thought that we were either blind or not very good at painting!!!
This is a slab of beadboard that my mom had treated. She basically took a bit of her "Cardboard"-colored paint and some glaze and brushed it on the wood. She then went back over her brush strokes and wiped most of the glaze off. It really helped to "antique" the stark white of the beadboard. I'm sure she could explain this in a more "technical" way. :)
The MVPs for the day!!! I lied to my dad. He made the comment that he didn't want a picture of him on the blog. I said he wasn't in any of my pictures from the day. Hey, after all that hard work he needs a little bit of recognition! They are deciding which pieces need to go where--it's a lot like a puzzle!

Moving along the other wall...

The nearly finished product!!! What an improvement. :)

Much better than the gluey wall, isn't it?

Another picture...

So, as you can see, I'm a bit proud of the kitchen's progress. If nothing else, we can say that we are learning a lot as we go! My lovely mom also brought us our completed couch pillows yesterday. She covered the fairly hideous ones that came with our couch and chair. And yes, I did go with a houndstooth pattern. My love for houndstooth patterns in decorating has nothing to do with the Tide--promise. :)

Aren't they cute???
The yellow helps to tie in the kitchen (now you see why I wanted the yellow candlesticks!), and the red fabric matches the curtains in the room. Much better than what we had!

Well, I think I have been on here for far too long. I need to get going and enjoy our Saturday! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Easter. My grandmama is supposedly cooking for a small army tomorrow for lunch--I better pack my fat pants to change into after church. :) Thanks for checking in!

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