Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm 99.9% sure that I'm GRADUATING!!!

So I finally recevied word today on my Action Research paper...I passed! The feedback was taking a while and it was making me nervous that something was wrong. I have also received all of my grades for my other course and it looks as if I have an A! I might actually pull this off! All that to say, I don't have any final grades posted yet, but as far as I know, I am good to go for next Saturday. :) This is good news considering I am trying to get the house in order and plan the menu with my mom for the graduation "shin-dig" at our house. I think I have mentioned this before, but my sister and I are graduating on the SAME day. My ceremony is at 10:00 AM in Cookeville and hers is at Lipscomb at 2:00 PM. It is set to be a CRAZY day! I'm just hoping that mine runs smoothly and quickly so that I can get back to Nashville in time for Kirby's (as well as my parents and grandparents). I mean, who would want to miss the famous bagpipes included in Lipscomb's graduation ceremony? Men in kilts=AWESOME. :)

Well, for those of you who are dying to keep up with the Cricket Spiders, they will be showcasing their talent again tomorrow night (much to my dismay). Somehow my dear husband was confused and thought they had this Friday off. I, obviously, was PERFECTLY fine with that. However, he informed me as of last night that they do in fact have a game tommorow. Be watching for another ridiculous video to pop up on YouTube shortly after their game. Who will be filming? Oh, you guessed it, the wife with "sucker" written all over her forehead. Why enjoy conversations with other girls when you can hold a video camera steady instead? For those of you who are feeling terribly sorry for me, thank you. However, you should know that I have recently negotiated a contract with my husband. We have agreed that my filming skills are worth approximately 20 dollars per game. This should get me somewhere when it comes to various Target and Old Navy purchases now and then. HAHA. :)

(Last year's team)

Well, to all of our 2 viewers (shout out to our moms!), please do something a lot cooler on your Friday night than filming your significant other while he rips plastic flags from another guy's pants. :) If nothing else, do it for me!!!

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  1. My brother and I graduated on the same day too! (Same schools... He was at TN Tech and I was at Lipscomb.)
    Yea for graduating Meghan!