Saturday, April 24, 2010

The dirty, gum-chewing pup strikes again...

The Proof:

The Guilty Party:

Can you tell it is hard to be mad at this little guy? And, just in case you were wondering, his breath does smell minty fresh. :)

Well, I must include on the blog that Andy's football team WON their first game last night. Please do not ask me for details because I won't be able to tell you. I was made to video tape the ENTIRE game on my FlipVideo. You do all know that this hand-held camera was one of my gifts from Andy this Christmas? You do know that I saw right through the thought that it took to get that for me, right? He had dreams of me holding that sucker upright for an HOUR taping every one of his flag football games. I was on to him from the start. Maybe my conversations with another team wife (that he will inevitably be able to hear on the tape!) and my terrible habit of not knowing exactly where the football is at all times will help Andy to see that I am not the woman for the job. I can only hope! I do have to say that the boys impressed me. It's quite a different team from last season, but they looked as "with-it" as ever. Perhaps it was Andy's new, handy-dandy armband full of plays? HAHA--I told him it sort of reminded me of Captain Planet for some reason. Like he was going to call up the other members of the super hero team at any moment. :)

On another note, my little brother is off to his first prom tonight. Due to the bad weather coming, Andy and I have decided not to go and take a million pictures like I would love to. Connor is eight years younger than me, so these milestones always seem to come too early. I guess he will always be a little kid to me. :) I wish him the best--don't do anything that I wouldn't do! HAHA. :)

I'm off to worry myself sick about the storms headed our way. Perhaps Andy's mom could convince Andy that Duncan and I need a storm shelter too? I hate these dern tornadoes!!! Be safe all of my Tennessee friends. :) Thanks for stopping by!

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