Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Graduate School Professors,

I would sincerely love to know if I will be walking across the stage in approximately a week and a half. I have turned in all of my assignments, yet I have no clue about my final grade. I am currently getting my house in order for a graduation celebration and hounding my dear husband about what he is getting me in honor of the occasion (he says he knows what he's getting me--I'm beginning to think he's lying). It will be slightly embarassing to plan for the occasion and find out that I have no need to. Thank you for your time. :)
Graduation Greta
On another note...
I had a child tell me today that it looked like it was "fixin' to rain." We were currently standing in a steady drizzle waiting to get on our bus after a field trip. Does this give you any indication of how my year has gone? I can only assume that he meant it looked like it was about to pour--it was already raining!!!
Another child told me yesterday that he had "had an accident" because he felt it would have been awkward to sign out for the restroom. Is signing out to go to the restroom more awkward than having to change your pants?
NEVER a dull moment in the third grade...

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