Friday, April 30, 2010

Random thoughts from the school day...

A child in my reading class had been begging to bring her baby turtle to class to show me. I had been putting her off, but told her to bring it in Friday (today). She brings the little guy in in a shoebox with grass and random pieces of bread (do turtles eat bread?) in it. We all "ooed" and "aahhed" over the turtle and sat down to begin our reading time. I was reading from a novel as the kids followed along, and after a bit, the student raises her hand. I call on her and she proceeds to say, "Mrs. Bozeman, my turtle isn't in his box." Awesome, right? All of the students automatically lose their minds at this point, and we all start the search for the poor turtle. After at least 10 minutes, we find the turtle across the room next to a floor lamp (hiding). My question: How much must a turtle want to flee from its owner if it divebombs off a school desk and cruises across the floor at record speed (for a turtle) to hide?

I noticed one of my students had gotten a really nice french manicure today. I asked her who had done her nails (assuming she might say a friend, or perhaps her mom). Oh, no. This child begins a ridiulously long description of the "spa" (as she called it) where she got her nails done. This is how it went..."So, I went to a spa in the Wal-Mart, you know the one by the McDonald's and the Lowes (I knew which one)? Well, if you go in that Wal-Mart, there is a spa. This man, he was sort of Mexican, but he was Chinese. He did my nails. If you go, he is the one with the striped shirt and the kind of silly shoes. Also, he has freckles, well, maybe not freckles. Dimples! He has dimples. " My thought...I really did not need all of this information. And, I have just lost 10 minutes of my life that I can never get back. :)
There is officially never a dull moment in the third grade...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm 99.9% sure that I'm GRADUATING!!!

So I finally recevied word today on my Action Research paper...I passed! The feedback was taking a while and it was making me nervous that something was wrong. I have also received all of my grades for my other course and it looks as if I have an A! I might actually pull this off! All that to say, I don't have any final grades posted yet, but as far as I know, I am good to go for next Saturday. :) This is good news considering I am trying to get the house in order and plan the menu with my mom for the graduation "shin-dig" at our house. I think I have mentioned this before, but my sister and I are graduating on the SAME day. My ceremony is at 10:00 AM in Cookeville and hers is at Lipscomb at 2:00 PM. It is set to be a CRAZY day! I'm just hoping that mine runs smoothly and quickly so that I can get back to Nashville in time for Kirby's (as well as my parents and grandparents). I mean, who would want to miss the famous bagpipes included in Lipscomb's graduation ceremony? Men in kilts=AWESOME. :)

Well, for those of you who are dying to keep up with the Cricket Spiders, they will be showcasing their talent again tomorrow night (much to my dismay). Somehow my dear husband was confused and thought they had this Friday off. I, obviously, was PERFECTLY fine with that. However, he informed me as of last night that they do in fact have a game tommorow. Be watching for another ridiculous video to pop up on YouTube shortly after their game. Who will be filming? Oh, you guessed it, the wife with "sucker" written all over her forehead. Why enjoy conversations with other girls when you can hold a video camera steady instead? For those of you who are feeling terribly sorry for me, thank you. However, you should know that I have recently negotiated a contract with my husband. We have agreed that my filming skills are worth approximately 20 dollars per game. This should get me somewhere when it comes to various Target and Old Navy purchases now and then. HAHA. :)

(Last year's team)

Well, to all of our 2 viewers (shout out to our moms!), please do something a lot cooler on your Friday night than filming your significant other while he rips plastic flags from another guy's pants. :) If nothing else, do it for me!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A new appreciation for HGTV...

With many of the new home updates that we have made, I have found out what my mom has been trying to tell me for years...HGTV is cool! I have even got Andy watching House Hunters and Sell This House occasionally. For those of you who know him well, this is quite a feat!

One of the shows I have recently gotten into is Property Virgins. Basically, the show features a couple shopping for a home for the first time--thus, the name of the show. I think one of the reasons I enjoy this show is because I get to see what people go through in looking for their first home. Due to our relationship's timing, I never really had the chance to "home shop" with Andy. We had only been dating a few months when he started looking for a home, and I felt SUPER weird about going with him to look at potential homes/giving input. We were at that awkward phase where we weren't 110% positive that we were the "real deal." Things looked promising, but things can change, as we both had found before. :) So, Andy looked around with a realtor and decided on a home all on his own. Thus, I totally missed out on the home-buying process.

Therefore, I am obsessed with watching young couples like us choose their perfect first place. Yes, in all honesty, I hate that we didn't really have that experience together. However, from what I have seen on this show, I am concerned that I might have been as annoying as any one of the girls that are featured. "No, honey, I wanted ALL stainless steel appliances." "Well, this house is nice, but I really wanted a nice pool out back." "I really wanted hardwood floors in our first home." I always wonder, would I have been that way-- demanding the perfect home as our first home? I hope not!

I will definitely say that our home has taught me a lot so far. It takes a lot of work sometimes to make things "beautiful," or at least the way you want them. Had I been granted the perfectly updated first home, I would have missed out on the learning process/crazy projects that we have undertaken together. At least, this is what we tell ourselves, right Andy?
Question: Have we "bitten off more than we can chew?" Only time will tell!

Did you get the pun that WAS intended? Awesome!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Graduate School Professors,

I would sincerely love to know if I will be walking across the stage in approximately a week and a half. I have turned in all of my assignments, yet I have no clue about my final grade. I am currently getting my house in order for a graduation celebration and hounding my dear husband about what he is getting me in honor of the occasion (he says he knows what he's getting me--I'm beginning to think he's lying). It will be slightly embarassing to plan for the occasion and find out that I have no need to. Thank you for your time. :)
Graduation Greta
On another note...
I had a child tell me today that it looked like it was "fixin' to rain." We were currently standing in a steady drizzle waiting to get on our bus after a field trip. Does this give you any indication of how my year has gone? I can only assume that he meant it looked like it was about to pour--it was already raining!!!
Another child told me yesterday that he had "had an accident" because he felt it would have been awkward to sign out for the restroom. Is signing out to go to the restroom more awkward than having to change your pants?
NEVER a dull moment in the third grade...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My last assignment...I hope!

I am currently taking a break from my LAST two papers of the semester!!! I need to go back and edit all 18 pages, of course, but I am ALMOST finished. The papers aren't actually due until Wednesday, but the thought of finishing my LAST assignment is very motivating. Truth be told, I don't really have to do all that well on these two papers to do well in the course, but I am a bit of a perfectionist. Therefore, I will press on!!!
I have already been thinking about what I want to do when all of this schooling is said and done...
#1. Well, if you haven't already figured this out, I really love the "idea" of decorating. I am constantly checking out decorating blogs, stealing decorating magazines from my mom, and watching HGTV to get ideas. My mom, as many of you know, is an interior decorator, so I am also picking her brain all the time for ideas and suggestions. I know she gets tired of my endless list of ideas and possibilities for our home. One issue I've had with decorating thus far has been that I have had NO time for it. You guys saw me painting like a crazy person on my Snow Days! However, my largest problem with decorating is that I think too much about it. I am a perfectionist (as stated earlier), and this does not really work well with decorating. As my mom tells me constantly, I need to think a lot less about things. There is no perfect way to arrange items on a mantel or pictures on a wall. All that being said, I am really looking forward to spending more of my time turning our home upside down. :) I love the changes that we have made thus far, and I look forward to many more. Get ready for many more home updates on our blog!
#2. I also look forward to coming home from work and deciding what I would like to do with my time. No more projects and papers hanging over my head! Andy and I used to take walks ALL the time when we were first dating. I loved those walks. I look forward to many more in the near future.
#3. Also, if I want to experiment with my cooking and baking, I will have time to do so! I have resorted to staple meals that I can make quickly lately because I don't have enough time to worry with anything complicated. Get ready for some experimental meals, Andy!
#4. I also look forward to actually starting and finishing a book in a reasonable amount of time! Harry Potter, here I come!
#5. Lastly, I can't wait to get back into my scrapbooking. I LOVE to lay out the pages and see it all come together. I gave Andy a scrapbook of our dating-engagement memories on our wedding day, and I have been itching to complete another. I will have the time to do that now!
So many things to do, so little time. :) How will I ever decide where to start???
P.S.--Andy has spent much of his weekend editing my EXCELLENT video footage of his football game. The outstanding video of their mad football skills is currently on YouTube. Yes, the Cricket Spiders are that awesome. :) To be honest, I saw enough of the game in person, but perhaps one of our 2 blog readers would want to check them out? If so, look them up!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The dirty, gum-chewing pup strikes again...

The Proof:

The Guilty Party:

Can you tell it is hard to be mad at this little guy? And, just in case you were wondering, his breath does smell minty fresh. :)

Well, I must include on the blog that Andy's football team WON their first game last night. Please do not ask me for details because I won't be able to tell you. I was made to video tape the ENTIRE game on my FlipVideo. You do all know that this hand-held camera was one of my gifts from Andy this Christmas? You do know that I saw right through the thought that it took to get that for me, right? He had dreams of me holding that sucker upright for an HOUR taping every one of his flag football games. I was on to him from the start. Maybe my conversations with another team wife (that he will inevitably be able to hear on the tape!) and my terrible habit of not knowing exactly where the football is at all times will help Andy to see that I am not the woman for the job. I can only hope! I do have to say that the boys impressed me. It's quite a different team from last season, but they looked as "with-it" as ever. Perhaps it was Andy's new, handy-dandy armband full of plays? HAHA--I told him it sort of reminded me of Captain Planet for some reason. Like he was going to call up the other members of the super hero team at any moment. :)

On another note, my little brother is off to his first prom tonight. Due to the bad weather coming, Andy and I have decided not to go and take a million pictures like I would love to. Connor is eight years younger than me, so these milestones always seem to come too early. I guess he will always be a little kid to me. :) I wish him the best--don't do anything that I wouldn't do! HAHA. :)

I'm off to worry myself sick about the storms headed our way. Perhaps Andy's mom could convince Andy that Duncan and I need a storm shelter too? I hate these dern tornadoes!!! Be safe all of my Tennessee friends. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"This looks good."

You might be wondering about the title of my post. Was this Andy's comment about a dinner I had cooked recently? No. Was this something I had said about an outfit in a dressing room lately? No--Target really hasn't fit my fancy lately.:) Was this what one of the lunch ladies said as she slopped a pile of mush on a student's plate this week? Definitely not. This was the exact feedback that I received from my professor regarding my final Action Research paper. After 54 pages, I guess I expected more of a critique, perhaps some ideas for improvement. But no, I received this. It has actually made me smile several times today. After all of that hard work, stress, loss of any form of social life, neglect of my husband and dog, etc.--my paper "looks good." Well, I guess that is better than, "This looks bad." There is always a positive side to things, right? :)

Since my latest posts have been...well...BORING, I felt that it was time to spice things up. Therefore, I will leave you with an oldie but goodie. Way back when, Duncan the dog was scared to death of storms. Well, I should say, "weather" of any kind. He would literally hear a few sprinkles outside and head for the bathtub. He would proceed to pace back and forth in the tub until the "weather" had passed. I think the turning point for our furry little friend occured when he met Andy. Andy was a man's man in Duncan's young eyes, so he must have felt that he needed to "man up" and get over his fear of storms. He rarely ever hides during even the worst of weather anymore...don't get me wrong, he will tremble from head to toe until it passes, but he will at least stay out of the tub. The picture listed below was taken long ago while Duncan was still a scaredy dog. I must have gotten a towel out of this cabinet and gotten in the shower, because Duncan seemed to find the only other hiding place he could think of if the tub was taken. This picture NEVER gets old...boy did he need a haircut!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Family travels and TCAP testing...

Well, I thought I'd start with a couple of pictures from the weekend. We traveled with Andy's side of the family to Georgia for his grandmother's (MaMa's) 80th birthday. We ate at a really good catfish restaurant, spent good time with family, and Duncan puked ...all in two days! Here are a couple of pictures from the birthday celebration...

HAHA--I cannot look at this picture without laughing. First, the restaurant had bolted this thing to the building in such a way that a pole was right where Andy's head needed to go...and it looks like he has a nub for a hand. Then, check out my dangling arms...perhaps I should have folded them or something? Look for this one on our next Christmas card...classy, huh?

This picture really doesn't do Andy's mouth justice. We all ate the same birthday cake Saturday night; however, Andy's mouth turned completely green from the icing. It matched his shirt! I figured it would wear off soon enough...he's just a messy eater. :) Well, I'm sitting next to him in church the next morning and I look over at him and notice his lips are STILL green! I have no idea why no one else had the same problem...On that note, Duncan (beneath all of his fur), must have been looking rather green Sunday morning. He had been stealing cat food all weekend and managed to "get rid" of it all over the bed we had been sleeping in. Way to make a good second impression, bud!

Well, our first day is complete for TCAP testing...3 to go! Today the kids took the Reading/Language Arts portion. The two parts together took 2 hours and 16 minutes...ridiculous! I love how we force kids to take the longest and most trying part of the test on a Monday...intimidating, much?

Andy had helped me get the annual TCAP bags ready last night--complete with candy, gum, Kleenex, an eraser, and an inspirational message from me. I also had bottles of water for them and breakfast bars for anyone who didn't eat breakfast...can you tell that I REALLY wanted them to do well??? Needless to say, it was a very long morning. As one of my little ones said best, "My brain hurts, Mrs. Bozeman." Yes, I'm sure it did. However, mine hurts too with the thought that someone somewhere might think that these kids are somehow not smart enough or "with-it" enough simply based on a score. Or, someone somewhere might think that I am somehow less of a teacher if my students mark "A" instead of "B" on #3 on the test (you get what I mean). It seems really wrong that education has come to put so much weight on these tests. My kids have ALL learned in some way this year. As I told them this morning, I am already proud of them no matter how they do. I will never forget this group of kiddos and all they have gone through with me this year. The relationships that I have made with these guys is much more important than a "proficient" or "nonproficient" on a test. My prayer is that they have become better people because they were in my classroom. For me, that's all that really matters and that is how I judge my true effectiveness as an educator.

I will now willingly step down off my GIANT soapbox...these are just the thoughts that continually roll around in my head around this time of year. May this week pass quickly and painlessly! Thanks for listening...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I should be working on my paper...

This is my last ditch effort to do something semi-unproductive before I dive back into my final Action Research paper. I am completely confused by the varying websites on APA format, so I really have no clue if I am formatting my paper correctly. But, I am going to give it my very best shot! I'm SO stinkin' close!
Coupled with my stress about my paper (which is due tomorrow), we have TCAP testing next week. We really need to do well this year. I am so sick of reviewing (as you can see from my previous post), and I know that my kiddos are sick to death of hearing my voice. There is so much to review (all subject areas are tested), and I find it very frustrating when my students act as if they are seeing various topics for the first time. It is also exhausting to try and convince an eight or nine-year-old that this assessment is important and worthy of his/her best effort. We are VERY ready to get this over with...
On a lighter note, I was told by a child yesterday that he "probably needed to go to the hallway for a bit." I assumed he felt that his behavior was yet again off track (I had already taken him to the hallway for a "pow-wow" of sorts earlier in the day) and he thought he needed a time out. So, naturally, I asked him why he felt the need to go into the hallway. He proceeded to tell me the following: "Well, I should probably go to the hallway because I am about to let some stinkbombs and I don't really think that you want to smell that." I, of course, tried to stifle a laugh and told him that he was MORE than welcome to exit the classroom. He then waddles his way out of the room. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids are quietly working and we overhear several of his "stinkbombs" from the hallway. After many giggles from his classmates, he eventually "aired out" enough to come back to class and seemed very pleased with himself. Needless to say, it was the comic relief that we all needed. If you only knew this child...NEVER a dull moment. :)
Have a great night!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little letter...

Dear TCAP Test,

Please hurry up and get here. My little ones and I are very tired of reviewing things that we either just don't get or just didn't cover well enough. Feel free to not ask my students questions regarding subtracting across zeros or finding the simple predicate in a sentence. We more than likely will not be able to give you what you are looking for. Please be good to my 22 kiddos next week...we need all the help we can get. :)

Mrs. Bozeman

Can you tell what has been on my mind lately???

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New additions to the family...

So we have a few new additions as of this week...appliances! Our new refrigerator and microwave came in and they look so much better! Our previous ones were both white, older, and were a bit too small. Here are the new items in their new homes!

Here is the LOVELY old fridge. I feel that this may have been the orginal Kenmore refrigerator. It was really small, old, and had apparently been leaking from behind. So as soon as I could convince Andy of it, we replaced it!!!

I just had to get a picture of the interior. The light, as you can see, is not on. However, the light would occasionally flash on and off quickly as you opened the door--CREEPY. It felt like we had a weird strobe light thing going on in our kitchen. Can I just say that there is also something weird about using a refrigerator that has been used for many years by someone else? You never feel quite right about it...

TAH-DAH! The new refrigerator! We actually ended up getting the Frigidaire Gallery line regrigerator that matches our dishwasher. I was really pleased with the way it fit in the space. A much better look!

The twin appliances. :)

Ah...the refrigerator the way that I like it. Some (my mom included) might say it's cluttered (which it is), but I say it's just right! I began collecting magnets when I traveled to different countries in college. I have also asked Andy to bring me magnets back from the places he visits with his work. Eventually I may have to pick and choose my favorites. :)

The new and improved microwave! Much like the refrigerator, it will be nice to know that any "funk" to be found on the interior of this appliance will be our own. :)

So the kitchen is REALLY close to being complete. We still need to make a fairly major repair to the ceiling and lighting (we ripped out the old light box recently), but I refuse to put pictures up of the nastiness until I can show the "finished" pictures along with them. Yes, it is that bad! I have to say, this process has been really drawn out, frustrating, and costly; however, I don't think I would change a thing. Andy and I are learning how to budget, do things ourselves, and to be patient with one another as we fix up our home. Would it be nice to swipe the ole' credit card and have some fancy contractor do it all for us? YES!!! But, I feel much prouder of our results because we did it ourselves(with a lot of help from family).

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the men in my life. The weather was just too gorgeous today to miss out on grilling out. So Andy started up the grill and made us some AWESOME turkey burgers. Duncan was right there with him trying to learn all he could about the art of grilling (and trying to catch any bits of meat that might be dropped!).

Andy at the grill! Notice Duncan keeping a close eye on the meat. :)


The Boys

Thanks so much for reading! Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The long path to graduation seems a bit shorter...

I haven't posted in a couple of nights or so due to a big assignment for graduate school. Basically, 50% of my grade in one of my last courses is determined by my performance on a Powerpoint presentation describing the Action Research project I have been working on. Due to this being an online class, I was required to present my research over the phone. I also was asked to present to 3 perfect strangers. Awkward and nerve-racking? YES. My presentation was supposed to last anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. However, mine lasted for a solid hour. One of my professors asked some really tough questions that led me to believe that she wasn't impressed with my work. However, the other two professors seemed really pleased with my presentation and gave me really great comments. So, for an hour last night I sat on the phone and tried to speak professionally, answer random questions that were asked of me, and most importantly...tried not to sound like a bimbo. :) Needless to say, I was a bit tense during this process and after I hung up the phone I shed a few tears. I had been bottling up all of my nerves all week at school and all through the conference call...I just had to cry! Plus, Andy was out, so I felt I could get away with it.
The worst part of the process was that I had to end my presentation with the professors and then they proceeded to discuss whether or not I should "pass" the oral examination. I did not find out until 4:30 this afternoon that I had actually passed the exam! Today seemed like the longest day ever awaiting my verdict. Basically, had I not passed this portion, I would already know that I would not be able to pressure or anything! I actually ended up with really good feedback on the presentation--maybe I'm not such a dummy after all! Now for fixing up my research paper and finalizing my other course. May 8th cannot get here soon enough!!!
All that to say, I married a really nice guy. :) Andy fixed dinner last night knowing I had to get ready for my presentation. He also stopped by the grocery store after church last night to get the necessities that I had failed to pick up lately. I think he might have also been taking his time knowing that my presentation might have taken longer than expected. It seems that he really knows when I need him to cover for me. Thank you, Mr. Bozeman, for being exactly what I need right now! I think my graduation will mean a lot to him too--he might get an attentive wife after all of this is said and done. :)
Well, although a boring post, it felt good to share the craziness with anyone who will listen. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, April 5, 2010

More home updates...

So, after a HUGELY fattening Easter meal at Grandmama's, my parents headed back to our house to finish up the kitchen. My dad had brought the saw that we needed to cut the trim pieces, so he got right to work. We then decided to stain the trim pieces to match the backsplash rather than leaving them the true white. It was too much of a contrast. Here are pictures with the trim...backsplash is DONE!

Backsplash with the it isn't's the paint treatment. :)

The backsplash with all of my "clutter"back in its place...the way it should be. :)

We also got a little carried away with other projects while my parents were in. For anyone who has been to our house, you might have noticed that we had a BEAUTIFUL (haha) set of sliding doors INSIDE our house. Yes, you might typically see these in an old apartment building leading out to a small balcony, but we were so lucky as to have them INSIDE our house. An addition was put on to the house several years back, and I guess the sliding doors were what had led to the backyard previously. Well, the owners decided to just keep the doors when they added on! Awesome idea, right? So, all that to say, I have NEVER liked these doors. They have never made sense to me, and they are not easy to slide back and forth. So, in our craziness yesterday I had Andy and my dad start hacking away at the doors (literally). What an insane project that was!!! Basically, the carpet butted up to the runner that held the doors in place. My dad had to mutilate the sliding door frame, and then the boys had to peel back some of the carpet to rip (literally) the doors out. We may have cost my dad a few more hairs from his head after this adventure. However, the boys did manage to get the doors out and to the garage. Now we have to clean up the molding and find a transitional floor piece to connect the carpet to the wood floors in the kitchen. The improvements NEVER end! Here is a picture of the massive opening we have now created from the kitchen to the bonus room...

I know, I know. It's quite a large doorway...but it feels much more open! We may eventually break down and get french doors put in...we shall see. Money doesn't grow on trees, guys! Andy aren't you proud??? :)

And last but not least, I had Andy handle one more project this weekend. Our back doors had some old, beaten up blinds on them. So, I splurged and bought some bamboo blinds. HEY...I'm tutoring for extra pay, okay? Can you see how I justify purchases around our house? :) Anyways, they are absolutely ADORABLE if I do say so myself...excellent job Handy Andy!

Well, Andy is on his way...we are off to Lowes...AGAIN! Have a great night! Anyone else hoping that Kate gets kicked off DWTS this week? She's ridiculously bad!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kitchen Updates...

After a long Friday afternoon and much work by my parents, we are happy to say that the kitchen backsplash is ALMOST complete. We still need to trim out the backsplash, but my dad needs to bring up a different saw to cut the pieces. I have absolutely fallen in love with the beadboard. My mom did a glaze on the wood that looks really great with the granite. We wanted to "age" the pure white look so that it would match the look of the kitchen. The process of hanging the beadboard took longer than expected because we found that not all of our cabinets are perfectly level. So each section of beadboard had to be specially cut for the space. We also needed to measure and cut for the outlets. However, I am super-pleased with the finished product! My dad caulked the edges before we called it a night, which really helped to "seal the deal." Unless my mom was lying about what I owed her for the beadboard and supplies, it cost us about 50 dollars for this backsplash transformation (plus approximately 15 bucks for trim pieces). Thus, a much more reasonable option (compared to a tile backsplash). Here are a few pictures from the day...
The following are the "before" pictures. We have been living with these gunky walls since we had the granite put in in February!
We then painted the kitchen and obviously stopped at this point because we knew a backsplash was coming. It looked awful!!!

I'm sure if anyone had visited they would have thought that we were either blind or not very good at painting!!!
This is a slab of beadboard that my mom had treated. She basically took a bit of her "Cardboard"-colored paint and some glaze and brushed it on the wood. She then went back over her brush strokes and wiped most of the glaze off. It really helped to "antique" the stark white of the beadboard. I'm sure she could explain this in a more "technical" way. :)
The MVPs for the day!!! I lied to my dad. He made the comment that he didn't want a picture of him on the blog. I said he wasn't in any of my pictures from the day. Hey, after all that hard work he needs a little bit of recognition! They are deciding which pieces need to go where--it's a lot like a puzzle!

Moving along the other wall...

The nearly finished product!!! What an improvement. :)

Much better than the gluey wall, isn't it?

Another picture...

So, as you can see, I'm a bit proud of the kitchen's progress. If nothing else, we can say that we are learning a lot as we go! My lovely mom also brought us our completed couch pillows yesterday. She covered the fairly hideous ones that came with our couch and chair. And yes, I did go with a houndstooth pattern. My love for houndstooth patterns in decorating has nothing to do with the Tide--promise. :)

Aren't they cute???
The yellow helps to tie in the kitchen (now you see why I wanted the yellow candlesticks!), and the red fabric matches the curtains in the room. Much better than what we had!

Well, I think I have been on here for far too long. I need to get going and enjoy our Saturday! I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Easter. My grandmama is supposedly cooking for a small army tomorrow for lunch--I better pack my fat pants to change into after church. :) Thanks for checking in!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

We're PREGNANT...April Fools!!!

HAHA--Did I scare anyone? Anyone other than my husband, that is? I have decided that teaching third graders is a bit more difficult on this fabulous day of the year. Today I was made to believe that one of my little ones had not done his homework, a student had a bleeding leg that needed attention, my shoe was untied, I had a roach on my head, and many other equally crazy things. I fell for nearly every one other than the roach on my head...I got a bit smarter as the day progressed. :) Needless to say, I am VERY thankful that I have tomorrow off!!!

Well, tomorrow is not completely a day off. I plan to get up and do some grad. school work, and then my parents are coming up to help teach me how to put up a beadboard backsplash. I cannot wait to cover up the backsplash nastiness. If you are unsure of the nastiness I am referring to, please check older posts. When we took the laminate tops out it left quite the mark. Hopefully tomorrow's project will go smoothly. We also have a new refrigerator and microwave on the way. The kitchen might actually be on its way to completion!!!
I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of our inspiration for the backsplash...yes, we realize ours will not look entirely like these. :)