Friday, March 5, 2010

A week until the beach!!!

After submitting a four page paper only moments ago, I felt that it was necessary to think happy thoughts. I have become a hermit of sorts--practically chained to my laptop lately. Sadly enough, I've brought Andy down with me. We have no social life right now...there isn't enough time! I have officially killed off any of the "cool points" we may have ever had. Who writes papers on a Friday night? I never even did that when I went to college full time!!!

Therefore, I am choosing to think happy thoughts about the beach, the sand, the sun, and my long-lost Harry Potter book that I have neglected lately. Spring Break is nearly here! I am going to bust my tail this week to get ahead in my work so that I don't even look at my laptop all week. No school books, no papers. Just sunburns and seafood. Have I mentioned how ghostly pale we are? Andy and I are going to have to wear a sunscreen that is equivalent to wearing a t-shirt. Andy keeps saying it is going to be cold down there and we won't be able to swim or anything, but I'm thinking happier thoughts. Hey, if nothing else, it's Florida, right???

So, my parents have rented a house in Port St. Joe (I think that's the name!) for the week. They are also bringing their MASSIVE Boxer named Murphy. Murphy went with us several Spring Breaks ago and it was a crazy adventure. Here are some pics of that trip...

This is "The Beast" (as I like to call her) chewing on my applesauce cup on the back deck. You would have thought that it was the greatest chew toy in the world...

This was our house for the week in St. George. It was called "Boardwalk," and the whole house was decorated with a Monopoly theme. It was actually pretty neat!

The Fitz Kids (before Andy's time)--Fun Fact: This was the Spring Break just before I met Andy. I met him the next weekend at church...weird, huh??? I had no idea he was headed my way!

Well, we are definitely looking forward to the week. Duncan is too...he is staying with his Grammy in Huntingdon. He'll be spoiled rotten by the time we get back!!! Enjoy the warmer weekend--it might finally feel like spring!


  1. Hey Meghan and Andy! Love the blog...your home is so adorable! Have a great time on your trip...Port St. Joe and Cape San Blas are wonderful. Enjoy the break:-)

  2. Thanks so much, Jackie! We can't wait! Hope you guys are great. :)