Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to Leave :(

One question: Where did the week go??? It feels like just yesterday we were pulling in the drive and seeing the ocean for the first time. We leave tomorrow morning!!! Well, it has definitely been what we needed...relaxing. I keep thinking how hard it is going to be to get up early for work every day. I'm on beach time!

To celebrate our last night here, we decided to go to a nice seafood dinner and drive through the local state park. My mom kept speaking of a lighthouse; however, we never seemed to find anything remotely resembling one. She said she saw it in some book...sure you did, Mom. :) But, we decided to catch some pictures just as the sun was going down at the park. It was so pretty!

The Bozemans! This one is definitely Facebook profile picture worthy. :)

I promise my brother IS this weird in real life. Imagine, if you will, what his high school scrapbook will look like. My poor mom will have no decent pictures to choose from...ALL of them look this ridiculous.

So pretty!!!

Another group shot...


We were really sad to see that Murphy and Elmo were not welcome at this beach. :( They love getting to walk on the beach! Please notice two things: 1. Connor is trying to play it cool, but you can slightly see his undies through his linen pants--HAHA! 2. Check out Andy's sad face--HAHA! I laugh every time I look at this picture.

I'm going to really miss the ocean. :( Until next time! I hope everyone's Spring Break has treated them's back to the grind!

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