Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mullets ROCK...Right, Duncan???

Well, it's been a few days since I last posted. Needless to say, things have been a bit busy. I keep secretly hoping Andy will take over when I get swamped, but I hate to say it, I think Andy may be a one-hit-wonder. Can you see what I'm doing? It is too obvious? YES, I am trying to use my not-so-subtle reverse psychology on him so that he'll blog again. :)
Well, we have started the painting process in the kitchen...that's really all I can say for us. We have started! Andy did work on it a couple of nights ago, but I just really haven't had the time. My laptop and I have been very close friends lately (to say the least)...I'm writing papers like my life depends on it. However, I do have a couple of pics from the day we started. These are of Andy with his "toy" that he just had to have. It's an edger...and I'm pretty sure he loves it! Once the kitchen is closer to finished I'll post better pictures--I do love the color!

Andy in action...the paint color is "Golden Fleece" by Sherwin Williams. It is a muted gold/yellow. It's really working with the granite!!!
HAHA--The famous edger...I think he should help advertise for them. Can't you see him on a billboard? And yes, Andy is wearing an Alabama shirt...shocker, huh? :)

Now for the title of the blog...Truth be told, I love mullets. I think they are hilarious. I have racked up numerous "mullet points" in my lifetime by spotting them quickly in public. What is better than a hair-do that says "business in the in the back?" All that to say, our dog officially has a mullet. It's AWESOME!

Don't you love it? Yes, the place that grooms him puts bows in his hair...he hates them. Usually he tears them out himself! But, he loves getting groomed there so we forgive them!

He looks much smaller now, doesn't he? All that fuzzy hair is officially gone...and in its place is a fabulous mullet cut. Too cute!!!

Thanks for checking in with us! Have a blessed night!


  1. Would you please come work at my house?!?! As for Duncan, love the cut and the bows!!!

  2. HAHA--Thanks--I'll let Duncan know!