Monday, March 15, 2010

Learning from the master...

Poor Andy has been waiting on a post from here it is. :) Between the sun-bathing, shell finding, and eating, I guess I haven't done anything noteworthy. However, tonight marked a milestone in my little brother's life. Something noteworthy enough for a scrapbook, or if nothing else, our blog! You see, in my opinion, my dad makes a mean burger. He doesn't make "sissy" lean, thin burgers...he makes fatty, thick MAN burgers. Personally, I love them. I don't get them all that often anymore (seeing as though I don't live at home), so it is always a treat when he fires up the ole' grill.

So, as my dad patted out the massive hunks of burger goodness he mentioned that Connor had not yet been trained on the grill. He had not yet been given the glorious opportunity to light the grill, suffer from severe smoke inhalation, and flip burgers like a real man knows to. Connor of course rolled his eyes and tried to get out of it, but my mom and I prodded until he reluctantly agreed. To be perfectly honest, Connor would rather do NOTHING than anything lately...he is a 16 year old boy! So I did what any other obnoxious big sister would do...I grabbed my camera and got ready to document the experience. Here is what I got...

So, Connor and I were asked to locate a match or lighter in the house to light the grill. This is what we, we aren't joking! It reminded us of the famous Christmas Story leg lamp. So random!!!

Can you see the anticipation on his ridiculous-looking face???

Look at him go! I'm sad to say that we did not light the grill with the "leg lighter."

Dad talking Connor through the "seasoning" of the burgers. Connor still acting like he's "special."
Still seasoning...Connor a bit more serious...
The burgers turned out quite well (thanks mostly to Dad)! Don't quit your day job, Connor. :) I'll leave you with a picture of our 14 year old family dog, Elmo. This is pretty much what he does all day down here...let's just say he's not the most active dog in the bunch. :)

I also have to say that Andy has been working hard on our kitchen painting while I have been gone. Yay for Andy!!! According to a picture text, it looks as if he is close to being done. Did I marry well or what? :) Have a blessed night!

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