Sunday, March 7, 2010

Latest home updates...

Before I begin on the updates, I just have to say this. Teachers (for the most part) are not quite as ridiculous as we are portrayed on television. Although it is one of my favorite movies, Billy Madison kills me ( it is on TV right now)! Ms. Lippy is RIDICULOUS! She wears clown-like clothing, wipes Elmer's glue on her face, and has interpretive dance time while the kids are out at recess...really? I promise we are not all that weird...some of us may be borderline, but we are not quite there. :)

For the updates...
My mom came up yesterday and delivered our new curtains for the living room. They look GREAT! We went with a red damask pattern, and we will continue that in the pillows. I also chose a yellow and white houndstooth pattern for pillows (random, I know). The painting I bought for over the mantle has a lot of red and yellow in it, so it is my inspiration at this point. Of course, Andy is not complaining about my choice of houndstooth either! I found a couple of yellow candlesticks to also bring in the yellow on the mantle. I can't wait to get the pillows on the couches to make it all come together. I think the plan is to go with a browny-green on the walls to warm up the room a bit. I think it will help the curtains to pop a bit better on the window.

The new curtains! YAY!

Close up...

This is the painting I was talking about. Please ignore the sticker on the candle--haven't gotten around to taking that off yet! This isn't how I'll display them either (just so you know!).

I also finished up the painting in the first half of the kitchen last night. Getting behind the refrigerator was DISGUSTING to say the least. But, it's done! These pictures are only showing the top portion of the walls because we didn't paint past the bottom of the cabinets (the backsplash will cover it anyway). It looks like a VERY unfinished paint job at this point, but the backsplash is coming soon (hopefully)!

Behind the sink...

The yellow has brightened up the kitchen so much!

Thanks for checking in with us! Have a great last few hours of the weekend!

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