Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I think I've been kicked by kickboxing...

I can already feel the aches and pains coming. They are on their way. I have not been to a kickboxing class in weeks, maybe even more than a month. Needless to say, I feel that kickboxing kicked my tail tonight. I always want to go to these classes because it forces me to push myself, but when you haven't been pushing yourself much at all lately, it hurts. This really peppy girl teaches the class and she decided we should take things outside to begin. She had us do what felt like a million sets of kicks, squats, and other horrible things up a hill. AWESOME! As if kicks and squats aren't bad enough--let's try to not fall down a hill while we are at it! She kept saying, "You're going to thank me for this!" "You guys will love this when you get into your swimsuits this summer!" All I could think was, "If I only knew which car in this parking lot was yours, I'd key it." :) I really need to eat better/less so that I only have to put myself through this on rare occasions!
On a lighter note, I had a child ask me if he could call home today to have a parent bring him his recorder for music. The student, of course, had no clue what his phone number was so I looked it up. He heads to the phone with the number in hand and begins to dial. I make sure to remind him that he has to press "9" before dialing the number. I go on about my business. Several minutes go by and I notice he is still standing by the phone with the receiver pressed to his ear. I ask him if he has called yet and he replies, "Well, I'm just trying to figure out how you type the slash in the phone number. " WOW--You know the slash between digits 3 and 4? That's the one we felt that we needed to type in on the phone. My first thought..."TCAP--Here we come!"
Hope everyone is well (even if you are in El Paso)!!! :)

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