Friday, March 12, 2010

Holding down the fort...

Well, I am currently posting from my parents' house. As of 6:oo tonight, I headed off to start my vacation. Duncan headed out around 3:15 or so this afternoon, so Andy is officially a bachelor again. I'm sure the heat has already been turned down as far as it will go, every lamp in the house is off, and ESPN is on any and every TV. I sure hope the yellow paint bucket is calling to him, though. Wouldn't it be AMAZING to come home to a nearly finished paint job in the kitchen??? Yes, that was a not-so-subtle hint. :)
As for my car ride to Tullahoma tonight, I am happy to say that I am alive and well. If any of you out there have ever ridden with my dad (he picked me up), then you completely understand what I mean. I really felt like we were going to blow the doors off of the other cars on the interstate. You know how you are supposed to keep at least a car length between the front of your car and the person's bumper in front of you? Didn't happen tonight! Nope--we gave them maybe the length of a small tricycle. As I said before, I am thankful to be in one piece. Needless to say, my mom will be driving the family van tomorrow...

Well, I'm off to watch more of the local high school talent show on Channel 6 (Tullahoma's AWESOME local news channel). It's SO much better than American Idol (haha)! Love it! Good night Andy and Duncan! I'll leave you with a family picture before I sign off. :) Can you tell that I miss my boys already???

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