Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We need a haircut...STAT!!!

Okay, I honestly don't know what happens. I literally look at Duncan one day and think to myself, "Wow, this haircut is really lasting this time." Then, seemingly overnight, he looks like an overgrown, neglected dog you might see on the ASPCA commercials. Look below to see what I mean...

A side shot of the out-of-control fur...notice it is popping out of the top of his sweater. He looks like an old man!

I've taken to calling him Albert (Einstein). Can you see why???

I just had to include this (taken a few nights ago). As I wrote earlier, Andy and I have taken to watching LOST before bed. Duncan actually fell asleep on the remote. Can't you imagine him saying, "Please guys, can't we just go to bed already?" So sad...

Last but not least, I made a purchase for our bedroom today. I think Andy has come to dread snow days because I get antsy and paint rooms and buy things. I just had to show it because I absolutely love it. I just couldn't bear to leave it behind...anyone who loves artwork knows what I mean. And yes, I did run it by Andy before purchasing. :) Hopefully it will look as good on the wall as it does on the floor! Have a great night!!!

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