Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Washing Cabinets and Writing Papers

To prepare for staining the kitchen cabinets tomorrow, I cleaned them tonight. I used a product called TSP to clean the wood, which is a VERY strong cleaner. I used gloves, wore my glasses and long sleeves, and covered my countertops for the washing process. TSP is a powder that is mixed with water to be sponged on to the surface. After scrubbing each cabinet with the solution, I washed it down with warm water. Then I dried the surface to prevent a lot of streaking. Let's just say it wasn't the best way to spend the evening.

The cleaner I used on the cabinets...

More of the naked cabinets...crossing my fingers that the staining will make a HUGE improvement!!!
The cabinets post-washing...aren't they LOVELY???
I also removed all of the cabinet knobs to prepare for tomorrow's staining, so hopefully the only thing left to do is tape off around the cabinets. My mom is set to come up tomorrow night to help me along in the process (I'm not very confident in my wood staining--I've only watched her do it!) Hopefully everything will go smoothly. That will be one more step in the process that is complete! From there we will have to nail down a backsplash choice to then pick wall paint. We are on our way!

Well, I'm off to hopefully finish my big paper for the week. I want it DONE so that I can devote all of my attention to the kitchen tomorrow night. :)

P.S.--Tomorrow is class picture day. I have a fairly hilarious group of kiddos...wish us luck. I'm just hoping that we all have our eyes open and our smiles ready. It could be interesting!

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