Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday and Some Man Dip...

Any moment now, I am hoping to see Andy run to the store with my grocery list to get the necessities for the week and for tonight. I am planning to make us Pigs in Blankets, Man Dip (I love the name!), and some Rice Krispie treats. Healthy? I think not. However, it is the one night of the year, other than important holidays, where you can eat like a fatty and it be perfectly acceptable. I have really tried for the most part to cook fairly healthy things for dinner since we have been married, so it is time for us to eat LARGE. Bring on the fat pants and football! It's Super Bowl Sunday!!!

In case you were wondering, the painting in the bedroom is still going and the granite is hopefully being installed Thursday or Friday (finally!). A big week is ahead of us! Hopefully it will all come together with plumbing and such. I think when we finally get our tops in I may just sit and stare at them for a while. It feels like we have waited forever!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week. :)

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