Monday, February 22, 2010


I should be writing a fairly LARGE portion of my Action Research paper; however, I am finding many other things to strike my fancy. Cooking dinner, Facebooking, and old reruns of Grey's Anatomy are all helping to keep me from actually starting on this section. I keep trying to remind myself that this paper decides whether or not I graduate in May, but at times, even this is not enough. How I look forward to coming home from work to do what I WANT to do in the future...

On a lighter and much more interesting note, I was greeted by one of my students this morning at my classroom door. She was wandering the halls before school hours, and was dying to tell me her big news. She excitedly shared with me that she was baptized yesterday morning at church. Of course I was THRILLED and gave her a big hug and my congrats. She completely brought me out of my morning funk. It's those little "God" moments in life that make long days worth it. To think that one of my third graders is on the right life track and was dying to tell me about it is really powerful. What a blessing! May you also be blessed today!

P.S.--We miss you, Andy!!!

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