Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The painting saga continues...

I had to post another of Andy's projects. He is now quite the expert on toilet paper holders. Go Andy!!!
A view of the progress. The gray is making such a difference already. It is really warming up the room!

So, we have another Snow Day today. Apparently some of the back roads in the area are still icy. Some of my colleagues and I are getting a bit nervous about all of the ground we are losing with our students. TCAP is quickly approaching...each day counts! Hopefully we can hit the ground running tomorrow...
On a side note: If anyone is interested in helping with Haiti relief, Healing Hands International is doing some amazing work. My mom and I heard about some of their projects at the Women of Hope conference a couple of weeks ago, but I also received more information in the mail yesterday. They are really concerned with helping Haiti for the long term, which is going to be hugely important after the focus shifts from the country. Although you can send blankets, tarps, tents, and hygiene products directly to them, they are really needing monetary contributions at this time. I really believe in their work and feel that they will get my money where it needs to go. See below for their address. You can make checks out to Healing Hands International and put Haiti on the "for" line. Thanks for checking in!!!
Healing Hands International
455 McNally Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

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  1. I am glad you are blogging. Your house is looking good! Happy for you Meghan. :)