Wednesday, February 17, 2010


WOW. As I write this post I still can't believe all that occured today. I received a call at 8:oo this morning from our granite company. The call went to voicemail, so as soon as I could, I checked it. Basically, the guy stated that they planned to install our granite tops TODAY! Thanks for the heads up! So, naturally, I freaked out. To make a very long story short, my mom came to our rescue AGAIN. She rode up with my dad (he works in Nashville), and stayed at the house while the men tore out and installed the counters. Therefore, this post is whole-heartedly dedicated to my WONDERFUL rock, Mom!

To give you a small idea of why this was such a huge day for us, here are a few pics of our old laminate tops. Let me go ahead and say, Mr. Bozeman took these pictures today on his lunch break because I was obviously at work. We had to have before and after pictures! Although I am extremely grateful for his efforts, I might have cleaned off our ridiculously cluttered counters first. But, the boy did what he was asked...he found my camera and took the pictures. I love you, Andy. An "E" for effort, okay? :)

Don't you LOVE the off-white?

Notice that lovely shallow sink and low faucet...try washing a big pot or pan in there!!!

More laminate...not for long!!!

Next...the big reveal!!! I seriously keep walking in the kitchen just to look at the tops. It is an awesome feeling to look at a big change/improvement and know that WE made it happen. Although it would have been easier/less stressful for the previous owners to have made this much-needed change, it was really neat to choose exactly what WE wanted. I couldn't be more pleased. We are headed in the right direction!!!

I know what you may be thinking, "Good grief, look at those walls!" Honestly, I hardly notice it at this point. :) Look at that granite--woohoo!

F.Y.I.--The part behind the sink that comes to a point is called a "batwing." If you have one of these, get ready. Many companies will charge you a "custom fit" fee on top of all of the other fees to cut a piece for this. The company we went with found a way to get this whole section out of one slab, so we didn't have to deal with any extra cost.

A close-up of our piece. This is Saint Cecilia granite. It has some gold, black, and a really neat burgundy (crimson, as Andy would have us call it) in it. I love it!!!

This sink came free with the granite...very big deal. This is an 18-guage, undermount sink. The lower the guage number, the better the stainless steel. The undermount feature (notice you can't see the edges of the sink) also costs more in sinks. We easily saved 250-300 dollars by getting this sink with the tops. Make sure to shop around!!! Granite companies have struggled with the economy to some extent...use that to your advantage!

So you may also be thinking, where is the faucet? It is best to let the granite settle for a day before rehooking all of the plumbing. Our new faucet is super exciting as well. It has the squirter-thingy included in the spout. Don't I sound professional??? Anyway, Andy and I splurged a bit to get it, but I think we'll love it. Tomorrow the plumbers are set to come around noon to hook everything up. Hopefully (barring any unforeseen obstacles), we will have a beautiful faucet to show off with the new tops tomorrow. Stay tuned (all 2 to 3 of you--haha)!
Thanks for checking in and sharing in our excitement! And thanks again to the MVP of the day...Momma Fitz. :)

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