Friday, February 19, 2010

Dog by day...stripper by night...

Well, Duncan has been wearing a sweater that his Grammy (Andy's mom) gave him. It has been quite cold outside, and we felt that it was necessary to dress him appropriately. To our knowledge, Duncan is not able to dress and undress himself. However, last night Duncan went to bed with his sweater on, and this morning Andy and I awoke to a "naked" Duncan. Yes, Duncan was belly-up on the bed with the sweater by his side. Andy and I proceeded to deny that we had undressed who could have stripped the dog? That's right. Duncan got hot in the night and did what any other sweatered dog would do...he pulled his sweater over his head and went back to sleep. This again leads me to believe that Duncan may be the weirdest dog EVER...

Duncan as we found him this morning(his sweater is the navy item behind him)

So long for now. Enjoy the warmer weekend!!!

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