Friday, February 26, 2010


After a very long night, my mom and I can confidently say that the kitchen cabinets are finished. What an improvement!!! It actually turned out to be a fun girls' night...we talked while we worked, of course. Just to remind you of exactly how bad the cabinets were are a few pics. I am SO glad we were able to change these!!!

Duncan's checking out the situation...evaluating the future work to be done.

Around the "feegerator" one of my students says. :)
Yes, dear friends, the cabinets were this bad...
The granite was not really working with the coloring of the cabinets either...
So, needless to say, a change was made to help the kitchen to make more sense. It is amazing what two coats of stain and seal, some sanding around the edges, and some poly finish will do!
It is amazing how much better the tops look with a better coloring on the cabinets!
A close-up of the cabinets. My mom sanded the edges down a bit so that you could see the wood through the black.
Please ignore our cluttered fridge! Andy is building me a magnet collection from all of the cities he visits on audits, and I like to display photos and artwork my school kids make me. It's SO messy, I know. :)
Don't you LOVE the adorable rug? Another Mom-find at TJ Maxx Home Goods. Is there anything better than finding a deal on decorating junk there??? I thought the coloring in the rug was perfect since we're going with a yellow on the walls.
More of the cabinets...

Our black cannisters (wedding gifts) look so much better now! It seems with every home improvement I feel that our home looks more like HOME. Thanks for stopping by and checking on us! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. Meghan,

    I just found your blog through Melissa's blog. I LOVE the cabinets!!! Way to go. Looks like you are loving your first year of marriage too. Glad I can keep up with you this way too! Have a blessed day!