Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A bit of Duncan's craziness to brighten your day...

Today was a bit of along day at work with the post-Snow Day craziness. We had a lot of rescheduling to be done due to the lost day yesterday. However, we did continue with our plan to have News 2's morning weatherman, Jeff Ray, come to speak with our third graders about weather. The kids really loved him, and I learned a lot about weather that I didn't know. If you get a chance, watch News 2 tomorrow morning and you may see us! I'm the teacher turning around to ask another teacher if I'm in the picture when Jeff is actually taping us (I thought he was just snapping pictures). Awesome! I will sound like a complete goob on TV!
But now, what you've all been waiting for...Duncan's video. There are some days when I just really need a laugh and Duncan comes to my rescue. As Andy and I were talking in the kitchen tonight we heard a thumping...this is what we found. I'm guessing his bottom was itching. What better way to scratch it? Enjoy!!!

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