Monday, February 1, 2010

Bathroom update and other random projects...

Just a quick fix idea that I have shared with a couple of others. All of the cabinets in our house are this same color. We also needed to update knobs and such. My mom used an AquaSeal product to stain and seal all of our cabinets (minus the kitchen until the granite comes in). The product is brushed on to the cabinets and creates a streaking effect. I loved the look because you can still see the wood grain beneath the stain. We used "Vandyke Brown" for our cabinets. You will also need to cover the stain with a coat of polycrylic finish (we used a satin finish).
Look at the difference! It made our cabinets make much more sense in the bathrooms. Like we meant for them to be dark! Of course, new knobs go a long way as well. If you need an inexpensive, quick-fix for cabinets, this product is great!!!

More of the green (same as in the bathroom I just painted) in our bedroom/bathroom...

The same pale green in our bedroom. I am about to "kill" what I can of the green today on my SNOW DAY! I can't really sit still when I have a break. I have bought Stone Gray paint by Porter for the room. My mom used it in my bedroom back home and I loved it. We'll see how it looks in our room with the red accents!

Collage over the toilet. I knew the shower curtain was too busy to try and compete with a painting, so I went with my crosses and mirrors. As usual, my collage isn't really "random" enough, but I thought it would work for now. Better than nothing! Please also notice the antiqued bronze toilet paper holder...Andy's project!!!

The walls are now a robin's egg blue color (Porch Swing by Valspar, to be exact) camera flashed out the blue a bit.
Happy Monday!!!

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