Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All in a Snow Day's work...

So, here in Nashville we received another beloved Snow Day. However, this one comes with a price. We have to make it up! We will either have extended days or we will make it up in May. Neither sound good to me...

However, I did get a lot done today. Check out our nearly-finished bedroom!!!

The "Stone Gray" has really helped to warm up the room. You notice the red accents in our curtains and bedding much better now. The only part of the room that I didn't finish is the wall with the bed against it. I did manage to move this heavy dresser today, but the bed was just not going to happen. I needed my personal Buffy McBuffster to come home and help me, I guess. :)

Well, Andy and I are currently watching LOST. We are desperately trying to catch up. I've watched through Season 4, but Andy is just beginning Season 2. It's amazing how much I've forgotten! This is the first show that Andy and I have agreed on enough to watch together. It's really fun! For some reason he's not really in to The Bachelor or Sell This House. I wonder why? Maybe because they aren't shown on a channel that starts with the letters E, S, P, or N. :)

Have a great night!

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