Thursday, January 28, 2010


The green paint I just HAD to paint over...

Although Snow Days are ALWAYS nice...this one came at a really nice time. I have a ton of junk due tomorrow for grad. school, and I might have started painting our bathroom last night. Poor Andy didn't know what he was getting in to. I just couldn't look at the institutional green any longer in the bathroom. I wanted a soothing I started 9:00 on a Wednesday night. With the Snow Day, I may actually get all of this done! Maybe painting projects are better left for weekends and school breaks. :)

P.S. --Duncan has taken to reading fitness magazines. The last two mornings I have sat at the kitchen table and read a fitness magazine I got in the mail. Duncan watches me while I eat my cereal and read. Both mornings I have come back into the kitchen to find Duncan sitting in my chair staring at the magazine like he's trying to read it. I actually took a picture of him on my cell phone this might be the funniest thing ever. He truly is the weirdest dog I know. But on the bright side, he seems interested in his health and fitness...

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