Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Furniture!!!

I received a call at about 6:00 tonight that our new furniture will be delivered tomorrow between 10 and 1! A BIG "thanks" to mi madre for taking one for the team on this adventure and letting them in tomorrow. Question: How in the world are two full-time working people supposed to intercept furniture deliveries in the middle of the day? Get back to me on that one...

See the pictures above if you are wondering why I am so excited about the new arrivals. We haven't had any chairs for our beautiful table my granddad made us, and we are using the "MAN" couches that all of Andy and his boys have been using for years (yuck!). Not that we weren't grateful for the furniture that we do will just be nice to have things that we have picked out. Notice the sad faces of Andy and Duncan regarding the loss of their prized possession. :)

Off to edit and turn in a couple of papers! Good night!

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