Monday, January 18, 2010

My first almost-breakdown of the semester...

There are times when Andy drives me bonkers. I KNOW he would say the same about me. But then there are other times when I think I might have married the best man around. I officially started to freak out this afternoon with my studies. My last two classes are quite possibly going to kill me. It seems as if the professors think I have no life to speak of. They must assume I wake up in the morning simply to eat, sleep, and breathe graduate school. I started listing due dates in my planner and making out my gazillion Post-It notes...and the panic set in. I have a massive amount of things due this week!

Poor Andy barely saw me coming out of my newly-created "Study Room." He could tell by the look on my desperate face that I was about to enlist his help. I brought up the time not too long ago when he promised to help me with my studies in any way he could. He looked pretty nervous. I proceeded to hand him four sheets of paper (back and front) of assignment details I needed him to process and simplify for me. Without hesitation, he pulled out his laptop and went to work on an outline for me. He gave me a game plan for the next week or so. He then allowed me to bounce ideas off of him for research topics. I think he only glanced at the T.V. once or twice behind my head! What a good guy!

Simply said, when I need him, he is there for me. We are learning every day how to work together better. For all those single ladies out there...find an Andy or someone like him. :) It makes life just a bit more bearable sometimes.

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