Friday, January 15, 2010

Grad. School Begins Again :(

So, I officially signed on to my graduate school account today to see what this semester had in store.'s going to be a tough one. Both of my final classes involve a lot of reading, papers, quizzes and tutoring. I just keep thinking that it can all be over in May. I just have to stick with it. Selfishly, I wish Andy still had something to study. Watching him mindlessly watch sports on TV, pausing only occasionally to search around on his Ipod touch, kind of makes me want to hurt him. But in a nice way. :) However, I remind myself that Andy put in more than his fair share of studying not too long ago...he deserves a break. I sure do wish he had a clue about teaching reading so that he could help me out on my assignments now and then!

Well, in a bit we are set to go out to eat. I have earned my eating out priveleges this week, considering we have not eaten out since Sunday! My old ways of eating out as often as I could talk Andy into it are over. However, I am smart about eating in. I try to cook the biggest meals I can so that we can eat on it for a while. I'm down to only cooking 2 meals a week! Boy, are we sick of roast beef and chicken pasta this week. :)

I'm off to enjoy the long weekend! God bless!

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