Saturday, January 30, 2010

All snowed in...

Duncan should have known something bad was coming. Notice the laundry basket only big enough for Duncan to fit in...
HAHA! Andy is a GOOB when it snows. He was kind of freaking me out with the mask...
HAHA! Duncan found the only non-snowy part of the yard to do his business. :)

Back of the house...

Duncan was prancing around because his feet kept sinking in the snow...

Duncan playing in the snow!

Snowy street...VERY slick!

Our snowy house!!!

As you can see, we got quite a bit of snow in Nashville!!! It's beautiful! Please notice the video below. No, we are not normally cruel to our dog, although it may seem like it in the video. I just had to post it...too funny!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The green paint I just HAD to paint over...

Although Snow Days are ALWAYS nice...this one came at a really nice time. I have a ton of junk due tomorrow for grad. school, and I might have started painting our bathroom last night. Poor Andy didn't know what he was getting in to. I just couldn't look at the institutional green any longer in the bathroom. I wanted a soothing I started 9:00 on a Wednesday night. With the Snow Day, I may actually get all of this done! Maybe painting projects are better left for weekends and school breaks. :)

P.S. --Duncan has taken to reading fitness magazines. The last two mornings I have sat at the kitchen table and read a fitness magazine I got in the mail. Duncan watches me while I eat my cereal and read. Both mornings I have come back into the kitchen to find Duncan sitting in my chair staring at the magazine like he's trying to read it. I actually took a picture of him on my cell phone this might be the funniest thing ever. He truly is the weirdest dog I know. But on the bright side, he seems interested in his health and fitness...

Monday, January 25, 2010


Subway tile backsplash

I LOVE this kitchen. Notice the square tile backsplash...

A guy came by today to create templates for our countertops. It was actually kind of cool. He traced out the design on sheets of cardboard and cut it all out. He left with our countertops in cardboard! Hopefully this will really get the ball rolling. Now we just have to schedule the plumbing side of things and the install. I am SO ready to get these in!

I've been doing a lot of Google Image searching to find the type of backsplash I want to do. I'm thinking either square tiles turned on their sides (diamond look) or a subway tile look. I'm hoping my mom will be able to send me in the right direction with it. My biggest concern is not making the kitchen look too busy--our granite is very "speckly" (if that's a word), so I want to be careful about the backsplash.

I've attached a couple of pictures of my favorite kitchen backsplashes (above). Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! I need all of the help I can get!

P.S.--Andy made it safely to Texas! We miss him already. In case you read this, Andy, we love you!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend with Rachel! :)

Andy and I had a fun weekend with our friend Rachel. We started off the weekend with a "surprise" dinner for my mom at Macaroni Grill. She pretty much figured out the surprise. I, as usual, colored with the crayons at the restaurant and might have written that it was my mom's birthday on the table. This guy came by with an accordion and sang an embarassingly loud Italian-version of "Happy Birthday." Priceless!

Saturday, Rachel and I met up with my mom and some other ladies from Tullahoma at the Women of Hope conference in Franklin. It was a great morning of worship and study. Then, we set off for the flea market. Sadly enough, the flea market isn't what it used to be, but we still had fun. I finally found a painting for above our fireplace! This was a HUGE deal because I had been looking for something for a while now. Andy actually liked it when I got it home which made it an even sweeter purchase.

After that, Rachel and I collected Andy and went to eat Greek food--yum! Then we talked Andy into a short trip to the mall, Barnes and Noble, and Starbucks. What a trooper he was! Today, Rachel took off after church and we had a visit from Andy's family. Duncan was excited to see his Grammy. :) All of that to say, we had a fun weekend with friends and family that was free of studying. I will most definitely pay for that this week!

Andy is off to Texas this week for an audit--please pray for safe travel. Duncan and I will miss him dearly, and we are very thankful for our security system this week. We'll see how long I make it without calling my sister to come stay with us. :) Have a great week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Furniture Delivery!!!

Our new JUMBO chair (ignore the pillows)
Couch and coffee table (ignore the pillows again--they came with it)

New chairs!!!

We have new furniture! It is amazing what a few new pieces will do for a room. It is so cool to have things that we actually picked out. I can't wait to get some paint on the walls and some curtains on the windows (thanks in advance, Mom!). Our house is really starting to come together!

On a more stressful note...we almost lost Duncan today.

I had come home after work and immediately let Duncan out into the backyard like we always do. It wasn't raining when I first let him out, but it was thundering a bit. I was busy "ooohing" and "aaahing" over our new stuff and lost track of time. Duncan normally barks when he is ready to come in. Well, I noticed it was starting to rain so I went out to call reply. I called from the door for a bit (not wanting to get soaked), and he still wasn't coming. Naturally, I started to FREAK. I ran out in the rain--dress, boots, and all--to call him. By now it was pouring down rain, complete with thunder and lightning. My heart was racing. It suddenly hit me that he had probably finally noticed the hole in the fence (which leads to our neighbor's yard that has a fence that has fallen down). I immediately ran back through the house and out the front door to call for him. I think I completely lost my mind because I just kept frantically running back and forth from the front of the house to the back yelling "DUNCAN!" at the top of my lungs. I finally called Andy at answer. Then I called my mom (like she can do anything from Tullahoma) in a panic. I was crying so hard she couldn't even understand me. She told me to keep checking the other yards around us to make certain that he wasn't somewhere close.

Like a goob, I ran outside still on the phone with her (in the rain), and as I looked across to the yard just behind us...who do I see? Duncan. He's just standing there in the rain staring at me through the chain link fence. I'm sure he was thinking, "Is there something wrong?" I run to the fence and instantly think he must have gotten over there through a hole. I'm pacing the fence back and forth trying to find how he got there, but there isn't one. Oh yes, that joker had gone through the hole in the side fence, and obviously run all the way down the street and around to find himself in this yard. Therefore, I did what any good mother would do. I stuck my cell phone down in my boots and proceeded to climb a chain link a the rain. I actually managed to grab the little guy with one hand and fling him back over the fence without falling!!! I felt like Super Woman. I then got us both back inside...and I sat on the floor and cried like a baby. Haha--you would too!

Well, I'm off to write yet another paper. Happy early birthday to my mom! The big 50 this year...please don't hurt me, Mom. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Furniture!!!

I received a call at about 6:00 tonight that our new furniture will be delivered tomorrow between 10 and 1! A BIG "thanks" to mi madre for taking one for the team on this adventure and letting them in tomorrow. Question: How in the world are two full-time working people supposed to intercept furniture deliveries in the middle of the day? Get back to me on that one...

See the pictures above if you are wondering why I am so excited about the new arrivals. We haven't had any chairs for our beautiful table my granddad made us, and we are using the "MAN" couches that all of Andy and his boys have been using for years (yuck!). Not that we weren't grateful for the furniture that we do will just be nice to have things that we have picked out. Notice the sad faces of Andy and Duncan regarding the loss of their prized possession. :)

Off to edit and turn in a couple of papers! Good night!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer Request!!!

Just a quick post tonight...

If there is anyone out there actually reading this blog other than my immediate family (shout-out to Lindsay!), please say a quick prayer for my uncle Frankie tonight. Tomorrow his doctors will decide whether or not they believe his new meds are helping enough to forego surgery. Please pray that he is drastically improved!!! Also, be thinking about his lovely wife, Paula, my extra-special aunt. She is staying overnight at the hospital and still managing to look like a rockstar. :) I know they are under a lot of stress right now, and I just pray that God will grant them peace and healing!

P.S.--The weather today was awesome, wasn't it? I actually rode home with my windows down! Come on spring!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My first almost-breakdown of the semester...

There are times when Andy drives me bonkers. I KNOW he would say the same about me. But then there are other times when I think I might have married the best man around. I officially started to freak out this afternoon with my studies. My last two classes are quite possibly going to kill me. It seems as if the professors think I have no life to speak of. They must assume I wake up in the morning simply to eat, sleep, and breathe graduate school. I started listing due dates in my planner and making out my gazillion Post-It notes...and the panic set in. I have a massive amount of things due this week!

Poor Andy barely saw me coming out of my newly-created "Study Room." He could tell by the look on my desperate face that I was about to enlist his help. I brought up the time not too long ago when he promised to help me with my studies in any way he could. He looked pretty nervous. I proceeded to hand him four sheets of paper (back and front) of assignment details I needed him to process and simplify for me. Without hesitation, he pulled out his laptop and went to work on an outline for me. He gave me a game plan for the next week or so. He then allowed me to bounce ideas off of him for research topics. I think he only glanced at the T.V. once or twice behind my head! What a good guy!

Simply said, when I need him, he is there for me. We are learning every day how to work together better. For all those single ladies out there...find an Andy or someone like him. :) It makes life just a bit more bearable sometimes.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I went to visit my friend Melissa today. Her new arrival, Garrett, is absolutely adorable. He slept most of the time we were there. Although I was a bit nervous to hold such a new little one, it was well worth it. Though I am absolutely not ready for children, it is fun to see close friends so happy and excited with their little ones. It makes me really happy to see a friend become such a wonderful Mom. Maybe someday, many days from now, Andy and I will be ready. We have decided to begin praying for our future children, knowing it may be a long time before we are both ready. Then hopefully, when our time comes, we too can be blessed with a healthy child.

As for now, Duncan, our furry friend, is more than enough for me. In fact, just yesterday, Duncan rode to the local Redbox with Andy. He loves car rides and just HAD to go with him. Well, not too long after they leave, I get a call from Andy. Andy frantically tells me that Duncan has just hiked his leg and tee-teed all over his back seat. He caught him in the act! Needless to say, I was the one climbing in the back seat with the paper towels and Resolve to clean it up when he got home. So, like I said, Duncan is more than enough responsibility for me...

P.S.--Anyone who reads this, please pray for my uncle Frankie who is currently in the hospital. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Grad. School Begins Again :(

So, I officially signed on to my graduate school account today to see what this semester had in store.'s going to be a tough one. Both of my final classes involve a lot of reading, papers, quizzes and tutoring. I just keep thinking that it can all be over in May. I just have to stick with it. Selfishly, I wish Andy still had something to study. Watching him mindlessly watch sports on TV, pausing only occasionally to search around on his Ipod touch, kind of makes me want to hurt him. But in a nice way. :) However, I remind myself that Andy put in more than his fair share of studying not too long ago...he deserves a break. I sure do wish he had a clue about teaching reading so that he could help me out on my assignments now and then!

Well, in a bit we are set to go out to eat. I have earned my eating out priveleges this week, considering we have not eaten out since Sunday! My old ways of eating out as often as I could talk Andy into it are over. However, I am smart about eating in. I try to cook the biggest meals I can so that we can eat on it for a while. I'm down to only cooking 2 meals a week! Boy, are we sick of roast beef and chicken pasta this week. :)

I'm off to enjoy the long weekend! God bless!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Granite countertops...Coming up!!!

So as of this morning, Andy and I are on our way to new countertops. With much internet searching on my mom's part, we found an AWESOME deal and can actually afford granite. Who knew? We were looking to put in a nicer laminate top that looked much like granite, but we found that the price was very comparable to granite! Granite prices have really plummeted with the economy. So, long story short, if you are considering granite tops but are afraid they are out of your price range, think again. :)

Tomorrow night we sign the contract and pay our deposit-we are SO excited. I will post pictures at some point of the kitchen as we have it now so you know why granite is so exciting! We officially have the ball rolling on updating our kitchen and it feels really good. :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Virgin Blogger...

I never thought I would be a "blogger," but here it goes. Frankly, I'm not really certain that Andy and I are interesting enough to have a blog of our own. But, I figure this might be a good way to keep up with all of the crazy things that happen in our first year of marriage and so on. I also thought I might include some of our home improvements here, to possibly help other newlyweds that want to improve their homes on a budget.

However, if nothing else, perhaps this blog will excite members of our immediate family, most likely our moms. They have to hold some interest in us, right? Happy Monday!!!